Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GoodBye Facebook

Well I did it, I deleted(deactivated) my facebook account. I figure it's best to go cold turkey with it. As I was trying to limit myself, I still found myself logging in way too much. More then I thought was healthy, and since I'm trying to be healthier I decided this was best. Mental health is as important as physical and I don't think facebook is conclusive to good mental health. I'm probably going to have my kiddies delete their accounts as well. My middle son just said he didn't care because he doesn't use his facebook anyway. Here is my final status update for facebook:

Good-bye Facebook. Our relationship has come to its finale. I'm no longer wanting to know who did what to whom for how many jelly beans. I no longer am concerned with seeing the same shared picture of a cute/funny/silly/stupid cat/dog/critter/ for the 50th some odd time. I've read the same jokes over and over again for the last time, they're no longer funny. I've enjoyed finding family members and classmates. I like keeping in touch with former co-workers. I just do not need to know every minute detail of their life. Everyone needs some secrets. Everyone doesn't need to know what you did last summer.

I'm still around. I have email (4 of them actually), yahoo messenger, 2 blogs, a home phone, a cell phone and GASP a home address. I hear you can buy these little things called stamps at a place called a post office and actually hand write and mail a letter, or pictures, or a post card. I do believe I'll start doing this and support the USPS (maybe they will be able to stop raising the cost of stamps if we all do this). My local Kroger's even sells these stamp thingy's. Keeping in touch is no problem really. I fairly easily reached, just may take some time in getting back to you. If anyone is curious about my bunches day-to-day lives, like I said I have blogs.

I'm looking forward to the benefits of no longer having a Facebook account. No more notifications of game requests. Less anxiety from not being able to keep up with the joneses. If I don't know so and so did this or bought that then what do I care if I have it, do it or whatever. More time for my family, reading, knitting, schoolwork, housework, hobbies...well more time in general.

I may miss some pictures from close friends and family. However I think that is all I'll miss.

I'm not sure anyone had much of a chance to read it...

I probably should of waited an hour or so after posting before deactivating. I think it was better to do it this way, for me anyway.

Oh and here is my scarecrow:

Scary huh? The kiddies have since replaced the bat with a teacup and a rake. I still have to hang the wreath, guess I have time for that now.

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