Monday, October 10, 2011

How's it Going?

My son and I taking the plunge and a big step to being obedient Christians :)

 After my baptism I had a very trying week.  I can't say I wasn't warned though, nearly everyone in my Sunday school class said that they had things happen to test them after their baptisms.  My goat went missing (I freaked out because there were also tire tracks in the front yard), my laptop crashed, I forgot my student id card at home and so couldn't work out (going to the gym has become very big in my life...and I like schedules and don't like to change my schedule much), also forgetting my id meant I couldn't get a snack or drink using my Dining Dollars on campus, I locked my keys in the house one morning, I couldn't find my keys and leave on time another morning, the glass in our back door got shot out by the neighbor boy's bb gun and plenty other small things.  I got frustrated with everything and really wanted a break. However I looked at them as small things and decided by the end of the week they weren't nothing to sweat over. 
We went to my brother-in-laws wedding last weekend.  It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding too.  My new sister-in-law is sweet, funny, and perfect for him.  I wish them many blessed years together.  I also managed to stay out of the wedding pictures.  Yes intentionally, I'm not comfortable having my picture taken as I'm too big for me and I take really bad pictures.  Case in point...scroll up.  I justified as since I wasn't in the wedding party I wasn't obligated to smile at any camera unless it was something I really wanted.  I am in a couple of the backgrounds so at least when they look back they know I was in attendance.  I rather blend into the shadows with family functions anyway.  Need help looking after the young'uns? I'll volunteer.  Food need to be set out? Sure I'll lend a hand or two.  However when it comes to being in the middle of stuff, I rather not.  Family expects way too much and I always feel like I get found lacking.  A lot of it is baggage from my childhood that I just cannot let go of, I try however it's very difficult.
Well my battery is about to go so I'll end this post. I'll try and post on my other blog and let my few readers know I'll I'm doing on the fitness/health front later (tomorrow probably).

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