Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do They Make a Patch for this?

I swear giving up facebook must be a bit like giving up smoking. You have all the best intentions, but sometimes you sneak that quick puff. No I haven't logged back into my facebook account, not about to screw up that 14 day thing they do. I may have logged into my kiddies and hubby's accounts. Not to read any statuses mind you (okay maybe one or two), but to set their privacy and account settings. They get tagged in too many posts and pictures(Hubby gets annoyed with being tagged) and I wanted to make sure that I enabled the feature that prevents tagging (or limits it or something). I think this weekend I'll work on everyone to just get off facebook for good of the whole family. I mentioned it yesterday and dear daughter had the nerve to say "Why would I let you deactivate my facebook?" See those words there? The "let you"? I explained to her that she had it all wrong and I let her have a facebook account and if I wanted to delete it I could. That shut her up for a minute. Now she's trying to come up with good reasons to keep it open. For example: I don't talk to my friends much on breaks and vacations. Well to tell the truth she doesn't get to talk to them on facebook much during those times either. Unless it's for homework computer time is a privilege and they are not allowed to get on whenever they want. So unless chores are done, attitudes are good, homework (during the school year) is complete, they are not allowed on facebook anyway. Then for only a certain amount of time.
Anyway I'm still about 99% facebook free. I'm learning to not care what's going on in the lives of most other people. The ones I do care about, I call or I live with them. Apparently I'm not missed on facebook either because I've not received any communications from the 140+ "friends" I had on there. Always knew I was pretty much a shadow... Welp enough of that, see facebook is depressing and I've got too many good things going on to dwell on it. I have a great hubby, great kids, and God.

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