Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Thinking...Facebook and Christmas

   Okay this is another mixed bag type of post. However these two have been on my mind lately.  First being cutting back Facebook time.  Facebook is a big time sink, it's not very efficient (especially since the last update) and it gets too addictive.  So I'm slowly but surely cutting back my Facebook time.  I don't want to cut it out all together as I have mostly family members and old friends on there and this is the best (in some cases only) way to keep in touch with them.  However I want to get to where I'm only checking it a few times a week rather then a few times a day.  So I've been unliking fan pages, except for the few that I'm truly interested in.  I'm working on cutting out my own status updates.  I have a blog, the link is available on my facebook profile..if anyone wants to know whats going on they can come here.  Better yet, they can send me an email, give me a phone call or just write an old-fashioned letter.  Writing posts on a blog requires thought.  Writing a couple lines on a Facebook status doesn't, so Facebook is contributing to the dumbing down of American in that sense. 
  So my goal is to not put anymore status updates on my facebook page unless something super major occurs (my life is rather boring so that's not likely and I'll probably write here first anyway). I will continue to share pictures with friends and family and comment on anything major going on in their lives.  However I think I'll change my facebook subscription settings (I'm really liking this feature lately) to where I only get updates in my newsfeed from their major status updates and pictures (except for my kiddies, I want to know every little thing they do on facebook).
    Now on to Christmas. The weeks, days, hours are flying by and this semester is already half over.  Which also means Christmas is almost here ( I have a week and a half between my last class and Christmas).  I've starred lots of ideas lately on my google reader feed and pinterest for Christmas decorations and gifts.  I'm plannning on making scarves my bunch for stocking stuffers.  I want to make some candies and cookies and ornaments to send in small family gift boxes for my siblings and Hubby's siblings.  I've got to narrow stuff down due to finances and time restraints.  When it comes to giving I want to go all out, but am rarelly able to. I love to give gifts, to be that moment of cheer in someones day. One reason why I like to do swaps, I like to make people happy, it makes me happy.  I've also got to ask the kiddies to write down 5 things they would like for Christmas.  I hate giving them a limit like that, but we have a super duper tight budget this year. I want to them to really, truly think about what they want and need.  I know what my daughter wants as she's already done this, and everything on her list is doable.  Her priciest thing is a 40.00 mp3 player.
I've thought about going back to work prn.  However, today in Marketing class, we got slammed with a huge project to work on.  I also have a project to complete in Intro to Foods and one coming up in Gen Chem II lab.  I'm taking 18 hours of classes this semester, I'm not sure with all that I've got time to do even prn.  So we tighten our belts a bit more and settle down for what may be a Hard Candy Christmas.

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