Saturday, October 22, 2011

   I just love it when Saturdays turn in to lazy quiet days at home.  We went out earlier and hit the Goodwill looking for jackets.  We got one Adidas one for my middle son and a fishing reel.  Next was stop at the flea market down the road.  There the kids spent their allowance on video games, water guns and a nerf dart toy.  Dd also got a pretty little gold-plated knick knack and we got her a jacket as well.
  I got started on a scarf's about a quarter finished now.  I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow night, then block it and have it ready for the next cold snap on Thursday.  Then I'm going to get started on everyone else's scarves.  I'm figuring on a scarf a week so that I'll have plenty of time to complete them and the half a million other things to do by December.  I'll have to get some cotton yarn or find some for Hubby's scarf.  I'm not sure if he'll were it to work, but if he does I want his to be made out of a material that I don't have to worry about melting to his skin when he welds.  So it has to be a natural fabric.  Bamboo is suppose to be fire resistant, so I wonder if the yarn would be as well.  This website says that alpaca is rumored to be water and flame that's an idea.  I could also get a 100% wool yarn as it has slight water and flame resistant properties.  The kiddies and I can have cheap yarn, but with Hubby's line of work (outside and around the open flame of the welding torch) I have a tendency to want better fibers.  They'll handle the conditions better, I think.
  Well, while Hubby and middle son are gone fishing, I think I will round up the three that are home with me and head outside to rake leaves.  I'm thinking of making a scarecrow for our Fall decoration.  Ooo I have a wreath frame I could somehow attach some leaves and acorns to it (I bet wood glue would work) and have a decoration for our front door.  Plus I have an idea for Christmas card photos (I'm going to try and send some out this year) that I need to build.  Really I'm just procrastinating, I have two tests this week to study for. However, it'll be productive procrastination and that is totally acceptable. Right?

p.s. I had thought of doing the Jeepers Creepers 2 scarecrow...but I'm not sure the neighbors would like it.  It would be awesomely scary though.

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