Monday, April 14, 2008

For the want of a shoe...

My kids' school seems to of need a charity case and decided since my son wore shoes to school that had a hole in them ONCE (had no choice it was either those or some that were so wet they leaked) we were that case. Since then they have gave my son new shoes, sent my daughter home with hooker clothes that were too big for her and gave us several of the school carton type milk and juices. Today was the topper though, the school nurse sent my daughter home with some soap "samples" that were "extra". BULLSHIT!! My kids are not dirty, we can afford shoes and clothes and milk and juice and soap. As for telling my kids that all this stuff is just extra stuff that's a big load of crap. If this school has so much "extra" stuff just lying around then how come everytime you turn around they are fundraising for this or that.
The social worker for the school even called me up after they sent home some shoes for my youngest son and asked if everything was okay. She thought it was odd that we sent our oldest son on a field trip that cost 85.00 but our youngest was wearing holey shoes to school. WTF my children don't wear holey shoes or clothes to school on a regular basis. I even inspect my youngest to make sure he has underwear on (he's a commando type of man what can I say). I try to take every care to make sure there are no problems with the kids' appearences 'cause I know people judge and I try to avoid situations like this. I explained to her that no everything is fine, yes I work full-time now and my husband makes good money at his job. We only have one appliance in our yard and all of our cars are running at the moment...we're hoping to have one on blocks soon though and when we get a new fridge we're gonna give the old one a place of honor on the front porch, right beside the old broken couch(okay so I didn't say that last part but I'm so tempted to go redneck on these people). We just bought our own house, with it's own 1,000 dollar a month mortgage payment. Would we go and do that if we could not afford clothes, shoes and food for our children?!
The hooker clothes are something else though. I really should thank them for giving me the oppurtunity to explore other career options...Oh no wait, it must of been career day and they thought my daughter would be ideal for that type of work. Like I'm going to send my 10 year old daughter to school in a purple slutty halter top and a skirt that isn't even 5 inches long.
Enough's enough already...I emailed the school nurse ('cause she was the one to send the soap home) that anything else sent home with the kids will go to freecycle or a foodbank, I will not accept it.


lacey said...

wow i would go apeshit on the school but thats just me!! hang in there you being the newbies they prob just testing the water. bored with their own lives. yep i would be like you and show them a little "redneck welcome" if i was you...... :) :) :) :)
next time you pick up your kids go in with curlers in your hair and wear one of them long flowery dresses like g-ma used to wear!!!!!! just kidding :)
then get you some of the jerky chew and put a huge "dip" in and ask the school nurse for a spit cup!!!!

ok that might be pushing it but hell it would be soo funny!!!

Jackie said...

Lacey: Yea I was telling Leona that I should walk into the school wearing daisy dukes and a shirt made out of a rebel flag...and steel toed boots, lol. I didn't think of the "dip" thing though, that's an idea....