Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My other blog...

I have another blog, at times I've thought about closing it down but then the skinny-but-thinks-she's-fat girl that's a part of me gets back to reading it and I keep it going. It's where I post most of my weightloss/eating stuff. I'm going to link it to here even though, to me anyway, some of the posts can be disturbing (yea like the day 3 years ago I was proud of myself for only eating 126 calories). I post on it kind sporatically. It bugs me to read some of the posts though, I'll beat myself up for eating 1700 calories or 1400 calories when I know that's not that bad. Especially since my bmr is 1592 so I'm burning off that 1400 calories just by being and out of that 1700 calories only about 200 is extra and that's not that hard to get rid of. Well the link is in the sidebar if you want to check it out go ahead.

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