Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm ready for a day off...

...but unfortunately that's not gonna happen till next Friday. Well not exactly I have the 9th off but I have an orientation for the Lpn school to go to and it's suppose to last 3 hours. So I don't really count that as a day off. So far I like where I'm at now, there's been a little grumbling but it's nothing really someone mentioned why I was on a section for 4 days, well 'cause that's where they put me. They rotate the sections, well are suppose to anyway, you work one for 4 days(or 5 if you pick up a day) and then you get your day(s) off and then when you back you move to the next section, rinse and repeat. So the other ladies told me to not worry about it I'm only doing what I'm suppose to be doing, this lady is almost always on a certain section herself...hmmmm. Anyway it's not a big deal, with one drama leaving somebody is certain to want to fill that spot. That somebody is not me though so they can find someone else to pick on. I'm just there to do my job, make sure all my residents are clean, dry and fed and whatever. I would like to be on friendly terms with all my coworkers but with some people that takes time (you know the ones that are waiting for the newbie to screw up so they can jump all over her). There are certain working habits that people do here that maybe they aren 't suppose to, but most people just roll their eyes and go on. As long as I'm not having to do their jobs I don't care.
Welll, after a little mess up eating (I had some pizza and junk early last week) I'm back on track. I lost the nearly 2lbs I gained from eating junk so all's good there. I feel like I don't work out enough but after everything settles down and gets into a pattern, basically after this weekend, I'll get that lined out. My 12th wedding anniversary is coming up next weekend, so I'm trying to figure out what to do there. I was going to go to Dave& Buster's after seeing the commercials on t.v. and thinking there was one in Memphis but no, according to the website the nearest one is in Nashville. I'm not driving 4 hours for that. I do want to go out though, maybe we'll go down to Tunica and eat at one of the Casino's and hope to strike it big. I kinda doubt that, we're just not much for gambling. We're a boring couple, lol.

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