Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Day...

It really has been, only thing that would of made it better would of been if my hubby could of spent it with me. He's on an out-of-town job this week hopefully he'll be home tomorrow or saturday but it's a big maybe. He called me Tuesday while I was out with a friend and her daughter and my kiddies celebrating her birthday to tell me he may to work all weekend. That left me in a very tight weekend, our daycare doesn't operate on weekends. Luckily my friend is a good friend and said she would watch the kids for me if needed.
Anyway back to my day. I went shopping 'cause my oldest ds wore pants to school today that looked like he was prepared for more rain. Yep he's ready for the Mississippi to flood into our front yard. Good news is, they finally fit his waist, lol. Given our recent history with the school, I figured I outta go and buy him some new jeans. I got the other two boys a pair or two as well. None for dd 'cause she's the one I usually buy clothes for and has enough if only she would put them in the laundry hamper. So I got jeans and a shirt for ds1 and then went to Wally world and bought a few things and came home and mowed yard for two hours.
That yard is gonna be the death of me I swear. It's big, it's hilly, has ruts all over, not to mention the ditch oh and it appears at one time it must of been all dug up 'cause there are mounds that could of only been created by heavy equipment. I have a big ass bruise on one calf where something flew up and hit me and my hands are sore and have blisters and I'm sure I'll feel my abs and arms/shoulders in the morning. What's worse all I have done is the front yard. I still think that's good, especially since my front yard is at least half an acre if not a little more. I'm just hoping the rain holds off tomorrow until I get the backyard mowed and the garden finished tilled and planted.
This evening I'm going to get a dining room table and chairs that I got off of freecycle. She said it needs refinished and the chairs are a little rough, but I'm up for the challenge. It'll be nice to put the little folding table and chairs away and sit down to family dinners. I've been looking forward to family dinners since we moved in here. Turn the t.v. off and all 6 of us sitting around the table talking, joking and spending a few precious minutes in each other's company.
So I feel like I've accomplished something really, not much but I feel like I've worked. I still have to clean house but I'm saving that for tomorrow when it's raining.

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