Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow, I'm really starting to slack here.

I seem to only be doing one or two posts a week lately. I mean to do more it's just that I'll do a post and get busy and before I know it nearly a weeks gone by. I've not really got a whole lot going on but I've got a whole lot going on. I'm working near 40 hours a week and Hubby's on an out-of-town job so it's just me and the kiddies so I've been busy and having a few minutes to sit down and blog has been rare, well maybe medium-rare. Okay that was corny, I am sorry.
I just placed and order for some Tupperware tumblers, I hadn't tried or sold any yet but my sister has and says her customers are raving about them so I just had to try it and right now they are bogo till the 25th. She said that one of her customers just fills it up and tosses it in her bag and it doesn't leak a drop and if you put a straw in it and knock it over it'll just leak a drop or two. Speaking of which, Queenie, I just got my new catalogs in and will get you one out in the mail after work.

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