Thursday, April 24, 2008

Skip Day

I'm a big fan of skip days. Ever so often a kid (or an adult for that matter) just needs to take a day off and relax (especially when spring fever hits). I'm letting my youngest son have a skip day today. He worked so hard for it to. Last night he goes "Mommy I won't feel good tomorrow, 'cause I had a headache yesterday." This morning it was "I don't feel good, I didn't sleep good last night." Of course this was followed with the required moping around and shuffling of feet. Now he's all better. Perfect attendance is overrated and I won't have one of those kids who stress out if they are actually sick 'cause it will ruin their perfect record. So what, take a day. These kids become the adults who show up to work no matter if their serious ill or not and spread their germs to everyone else causing them to become sick.
Skip days at my house are somewhat fun for the kids. They do have to do some work but they also get to spend some time one-on-one with Mommy and that's pretty special to them. I'm glad it's special to them and right now I'll treasure that 'cause the day is coming soon when they will not want anything to do with me...well I hope not, I know not all kids get that way but there's a good chance of it.
I'm applying to an RN program as well as the LPN one. If I get into the RN program I'll drop my application from the other one. I hope I do but I'm afraid I won't. All they can do is tell me no not right now, right? Right now I just have to gather up my letters of recommendation, transcripts and everything and send it in and hope for the best. They require a 2.5 gpa...mine may be less given my last semester at college was horrible. I know I'll have to write a letter saying why it was horrible (I was accepted into this school once before but couldn't attend; it took me 2-3 months to get through everything to get in, I could of ringed my hubby's neck but that's in the past..sorta, lol). Anyway I'm going to give it a shot and if I get in great, if I don't then I'll try the lpn-rn route either way I'm hoping to be through with it all before my oldest gets into high school...I have 4 years so hopefully. Well off to get things done around the house today, I'm so glad I have today off, this weeks been stressful at work.

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