Friday, April 11, 2008

Have a Great Weekend...

I'm going to try to. Sunday is my 12th wedding anniversary. I have to work Sunday and hubby has to work Saturday so we'll find time to do something after work I guess. It's been a long 12 years, we've been through 4 births, lost one house and now we've bought another. We've moved about 11 times. He's gone through the 3 year apprenticeship at the Ironworker union, I've earned an Associates degree and have numerous other college hours. We've owned at least 10 vehicles. We've lost 2 loved ones. We've gained approximately 18 nieces and nephews(there's more I'm only counting ones born since April 13th, 1996). I graduated high school, I almost forgot that. There's been other moments in the past 12 years as well. We've been together for 15 years all together( I was 14, him 17 when we met. We were 17 and 20 when we got married...we were babies, lol). Anyway it's been a great 12 years ...there's not much about our marriage I would change, nothing really. It works, it works really good for us. A lot of people we know who had got married when we did are already divorced and remarried(sometimes more then once), or are on their way to divorce. We've gotten lucky, it takes some people many tries to find the right one. We got it on the first try.
I always wanted a marriage like the one I saw in my grandparents. They teased, they squabbled, they joked, they argued some. But, the love was always there when they looked at each other. It was there, in their eyes; it was there, when they touched; it was there in the little things they did for each other. This is what my hubby and I have. We pick on each other, we tease and joke, we get frustrated with each other. We kiss when one goes out the front door (even just to run down to the gas station), we touch when we are close to each other. We give random hugs and kisses to each other just because. I wake up early to see him off to work, he stays up late when I work late to see I made it home safe. Neither one of us sleep hardly at all when one is away. We agree on about 95% of things with raising the kids. We agree on about 80% of everything else. We were called a teddy bear couple in high school (sounds sickeningly sweet, huh. sorry, lol).
Well that's about it. I'm in love with my husband, still. I'm sure I'll still be in love with him when we reach our 50th anniversary. Have a great weekend.

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