Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, Now I just cross my fingers and wish very hard

I just sent in my app to a nursing program...I'm really hoping for this one, if I don't get in then so be it I'll try again later. I know I already have one in for the lpn program but I really, really, really(goddess are you listening?) really want to be a Rn not an lpn. This will save me about 5,000 dollars if I can just go straight into an Rn program instead of having to go through an lpn and branching over to Rn. I've gotten accepted once before in this program but I've also screwed up so bad the last semester at college that I'm afraid they'll just flat out say no. It'll be okay though 'cause all they can say is no right? If they do I just go on with plan B if that don't work then I'll figure out plan C but I'll get there. I actually did the app last week online today I just sent in my 25.00 and started sending in my letters of recommendation. 1 down 2 more to go. Bad thing is no one here has known me more then a few months and nearly everyone else I know are related. The whole big family from a small town thing, your related to everyone. It was a real good thing we moved 'cause most likely my kids would of ended up dating cousins and that just ain't right.
My hubby just wants me to decide on what I'm going to do and do it. He would rather not have to pay more then he absolutely has to though. He will though if needed without complaining...too much. He's such a great guy really. Actually I know he's waiting for me to start earning the "big bucks" so he can slack off and spend all his time fishing and playing video games, lol.
Well that's it I guess for now, gotta go put my "sick" kid to work. He was sick last night had a migraine and vomiting but no fever. Today he seems just dandy 'cept for a nasty cough that he's had for about 2 weeks, if it doesn't go away this week I'm going to have to make a doctor's appointment I guess. He gets this way every year a couple times a year so I figure it's allergies but since my niece has been unofficially diagnosed with asthma with similar symptoms I'm thinking I outta have my ds checked out.

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