Saturday, February 26, 2011

1st day of challenge

Today starts the first day for the next 3 months of this challenge.  So far so good I guess. For breakfast I had a version of clean-er pancakes.  They would of been better if I had used whole-wheat flour, but all I have right now is unbleached white flour.  I also could of substituted some oats for some of the flour.  I didn't really think of that till after I had it mixed up.  So will keep changes in mind for next time (probably tomorrow). Anyway my plan for eating today and tomorrow are:

Saturday 2/26/2011
Breakfast: Clean-er pancakes and Kroger brand Just Fruit blueberry spread
Lunch: Homemade leftover chili
Dinner: Grilled chicken and Garlic pepper beets
Snack: Homemade granola bars

Sunday 2/27/2011
Breakfast: pancakes (going to change up the recipe a bit)
Lunch: Chicken salad, whole wheat tortillas
Dinner: deer meat stroganoff, unfried green tomatoes
snack: clean-er chocolate chip cookies

I'll post next weeks menu plan on Sunday after I finish getting it worked out.  Also recipes to come.

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