Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm blessed I know that.  I have a great husband, four wonderful children.  We've had fairly minor health problems that have been resolved, either naturally or minor surgeries.  I'm blessed in that my husband has a good job and I'm able to receive a college education.  I'm blessed to live in a time that women can and are encouraged to be educated.  A hundred years ago it may of not been possible.  50 years ago a college education wouldn't of been expected of me.  I'm blessed with a loving if not frustrating family.  My sisters are there when I'm bored and want to chat, when I need to vent, etc.  The great thing about having 3 sisters (well 5 but one I don't know and one I keep losing contact with as we both have moved quite a bit.  We'll contact each other again sometime/somehow I'm sure. I didn't grow up with these two so I'm not as close to them) is that someone is always available.  I try to make myself available to them as much as possible, too.  I have a brother that I'm a bit estranged with but, I know if I needed him he would be there if he can. I have another brother but I don't know much about him as I didn't grow up with him.
Anyway, I'm blessed in that my husband and I own our home and have so far been able to keep it.  I'm blessed that I can be there as much as I can for my children and not have to work two or more jobs to keep them fed as I know some do.
I'm blessed that I'm able to take measures to be healthy and I'm willing to do what it takes.  I've had an off week this week exercise/eating- wise but I'll regroup and be back on track soon.
I'm blessed with many fortunes (just not the financial type).  I'm loved and love, I have great friendships and try to be a great friend, I live in a good neighborhood, I attend a good college, My children attend a great school.
I have opportunities to improve myself and must work on that.  If I begin to think ill of someone I meditate to try and get rid of those feelings.  It does me no good and I truly wish them no harm, if they need to be abrasive then that's their thing.  It needs not apply to me and I shouldn't let it affect me. I need to learn to procrastinate less.  This is the hardest improvement I need to make.  It's been a lifelong habit and I need to change it. So I'll be working on that one baby step at a time.
So what blessings do you have in your life? What do you need to do to allow more in? Procrastination and forgiving or at least tempering my temper are my main two.

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