Saturday, February 12, 2011

Made it to the Gym Today and Happy 13th Birthday to my Girl

I started to write this yesterday but Hubby came home and then the kids then we had to do some running for Daughter's birthday.  So I guess I'll finish it this morning.

It is Friday, it is suppose to warm up and I'm so glad. I made it to the gym today, not too big of a thing until I get to where I'm going more then once a week. I want to go, I love it when I do. However, I'm forever talking myself out of it. I have self-esteem issues and I know that most everyone at the gym is more worried about how they look then what I look like.  When I catch someone looking at me they usually just smile, nod and go on doing whatever it was they are doing.  So I know I don't care, but my poor, beat down self-esteem has issues.  It's gotten better over the years, but still needs work.

Anyway, this weekend is all about Daughter(pretty much). She's thirteen now, a teenager.  I'm wondering where is the time going and how come I have all these big kids now.  I don't feel old, I feel like I'm still in my mid-twenties at the latest (yes I know 32 is not nowhere considered old...unless you're a vehicle, then you're an antique).  Yesterday we went and bought some clothes and a cake for her and Sunday we are taking the kiddies and Daughter's bf to the circus.  Which will be awesome as the kids haven't been and Hubby and I don't ever recall going to one either.

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