Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day...Bah Humbug

Just not feeling it this year.  It's the first year in a long time that I've not been working and have not had the money to get Hubby anything for Valentine's day.  Not that I've been able to give him much in the past, just a little something to show my appreciation for him giving me his heart so long ago.
It makes me a little down to think of it.  I feel better when I can't give him something for christmas then when I can't for Valentine''ll be the same in two months for our 15th anniversary.  It sucks and makes me feel less and I feel like I should do more for the man who gives me everything he's able to.  Without him I would not be able to go to college full-time without working part-time. Who would I vent to when people, events, life gets to me.  No one understands me like him.  No one could hold me and make me feel beautiful at any/every size like him.  He thinks I'm beautiful in the morning in my wore out sleep-shirt, my hair going 360 different ways, sleep dried in the corners of my eyes, drool dried on my cheek, raunchy morning breathe going on, all befuddled due to a lack of caffeine (yep there's an image huh).
I'll try to show him somehow.  I know he needs to be shown as he's feeling a strain of bills coming and all this snow has gave him a couple short weeks meaning a couple short paychecks.   The cold, dreary snow days haven't helped any and hopefully we can get out and do something next week and enjoy the nice spring-like weather forecast.

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