Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Wishes

It's 11/11/11 so today's writing prompt was to make three wishes.

Wish one:
I wish for strength. Mental strength to finish college successfully, Mental and emotional strength when it comes with raising my children(and dealing with attitudes and teenage drama). Physical strength so that I can continue on my path to be healthier, fitter.

Wish two:
I wish for more time. I need more then 24 hours a day. 30 might do it. I need time to slow while my children hit this last leg of growing up before they are out on their own. I need time to ensure that I'm doing my best by them and they will be ready to be good, caring, responsible adults. I need more time to spend with my hubby. I don't have enough time to show him how much I love him. I need more time to spend with my other family members. I would love to have time to drive and visit with my sisters that live anywhere from 4 to 8 hours away. I would love to go to Kansas and visit with family that haven't seen me since I was a baby. I need more time to get everything done that needs done.

Wish three:
I wish for everyone reading this to have an extra wish. If I could get my first two wishes I would have everything I need to accomplish all I want to accomplish in my life. Some people need more, some less. I'm somewhere in the middle. However, if I didn't struggle a bit in getting what I want then I wouldn't think it worth it when I got it. I never wanted an easy life, just the tools to get the life I want.

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