Friday, November 04, 2011

Well I Caved...

Not totally though. I made a new Facebook account. There were so many websites I like to fan and enter contests and guess what...they require a Facebook account. I do miss the ease of sharing photos on facebook with my family and not worrying if they got the email.
What I've noticed is that since making a new account I'm not interested in status updates. I doubt I'll update mine much unless something exciting happens. Then I'll probably post here first anyway. I much rather tell the whole story then just a piece of it. I'm also only "friending" a select few people. Just close family and friends, mainly my siblings and a few cousins, aunts and uncles and my dad (my mom doesn't get on there much). Former classmates, while I do fond memories of school, are just excess noise unless I've kept contact with them over the years (I haven't). I pray they continue to have great lives (because everyone's life is great on facebook), but don't feel the need to include them in mine. Same thing with some relatives, I wish them well and when we meet in person I'm more then glad to see them. However, I don't see the need to know every little detail of their life on facebook.
My sisters don't post on facebook much except to share pictures. We call each other when something comes up (and even when nothing happens, just to check in). One of my sisters doesn't have internet so with her it's snail mail and phone calls (she'll be happy to see my free pictures from Walgreen's I'm going to go pick up here in a bit). My dad doesn't use facebook much either.
I'm also realizing I really need to pick up the phone as there are a handful of loved ones I haven't talked to in a few weeks.
I think the time off facebook has served me well, and it's better I created a new one instead of reactivating the old one. I can use as a tool now and not as a habit.

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