Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Favorite Part About Writing?

Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo is, What is your favorite part about writing?

For me that would depend on the type of writing. If I'm writing for school, say a research paper, then it would be the research part. If I have to write poetry then none of it (I really suck at writing poetry of any type). Essays are okay as long as I have a good topic. If I'm writing for fun, such as a blog post, then it's the feeling of release. My thoughts, my worries, my achievements, my failures. I put on my blogs. I find that after I write these down, good or bad, then it's gone. I no longer have that worry since I gave it to the universe. At least I don't have it so bad it's totally stressing me out. It eases some, then I read other blogs and realize I don't have it so bad. It's easy to become rather singular in today's world.

I don't do creative writing. It's not that I don't have a good imagination and cannot come up with several ideas. I'm just not good at getting those ideas down on paper to where they make sense. Blogging allows for some randomness. Writing stories doesn't. So I'll never be the next Christine Feehan, or Stephen King, or even a Harlequin book author. That's okay, I leave all the creativeness up to my daughter (who has a blog for her writing HERE). She has the way with words that I lack.

So that's my thoughts for today. What is YOUR favorite part about writing?

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