Monday, November 07, 2011

One More for Today

Just a quickie...
I found this blog on the blogroll at Blogher. Just reading a couple posts and my breath catches. My eyes tear up. I feel this could be me, I hope that this won't be me, I pray. I feel the pain in the posts.
I've seen the posts in the past, these stories repeat themselves. The names change, the places...but the story stays the same. I pray this doesn't become my story.
However I encourage you, dear readers, to go over to The Notebooks of Mother X and read her story. She's a great writer and draws you in so well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Thank you for these words. I just discovered this post of yours and want to let you know that I recently restarted the blog--several years later. I hope you'll drop by sometime.
Mother X