Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Passion

Today's writing prompt is "What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?"

When thinking of this question a few of my passions ran through my mind. The one that stuck out the most is my passion for healthcare. My personal goals that I want to achieve should I achieve my professional/educational ones.
I want to bring back the country doctor. The doctor who brought his little black bag to your house when you were too sick or injured to leave. I want to visit the elderly ladies and gentlemen that are trying their best to stay out of nursing homes. They want to live at home but maybe they don't have a ride to go to the doctor and keep their diabetes, blood pressure or other chronic illness under control. I want to visit the newborn babies and moms who don't want or need the babies to be exposed to illnesses at the doctor's office. The patient with autoimmune problems, maybe just finishing up radiation treatment. The person who survived a traumatic automobile accident and isn't mobile enough yet to come in for a check up.
I want to have a staff who feels the same way. The nurse who does follow up calls after a patient has been in the hospital. The nurse practitioner/physician's assistant/fellow doctor who may handle office visits while I'm doing home visits or takes turns. The receptionist who leaves her post to open the door to a young mom struggling with making sure her children get inside while having arms full of baby and/or the paraphernalia children and babies require. Staff that honestly cares about their patients. Staff that refuse to become jaded in today's society(okay maybe that's just a dream).
I also want to encourage good nutrition as a main way to achieve good health. I'm working on this right now with myself. I want to work on it with my patients as well. A lot of health problems can be overcome with we would just open our eyes and look at our plates. However, this is really difficult for some people. I want to help them learn.
Now, this might not sound so passionate on your computer screen. However when I talk about it I feel it, it bubbles up out and I could go on and on, on the good I want to be able to do. I can't do this good without successfully finishing my education so I need to get off here and finish a chemistry lab report. Have a wonderful day dear readers.

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